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On-Demand Webinar:
How to Cost and Quote Additively Manufactured Polymer Parts

On-Demand Link3D AMES Webinar #4
Hosted by: Janet Kar, CMO of Link3D
Special guest: Vishal Singh, CTO of Link3D

How long does it take you to quote or cost 3D printed polymer parts? After working with over 243 OEMs and Service Bureaus, we’ve found that it takes on average 30 to 120 minutes to prepare cost sheets or quotations for simple to comprehensive forms of AM technologies: FDM, SLA, DLP, CLIP/DLS and MJF.

Link3D has worked with OEMs and Service Bureaus to help them save up to $90,000/year on quoting by developing a systematic method to ensure cost models are always up-to-date, account for multiple build strategies based on each part’s unique full stream manufacturing activities and overhead costs that should be accounted for.

In this 30-min webinar + 15-min Q&A, explore:

» How to build cost models for FDM, SLA, DLS, MJF machines

» How Link3D's Build Simulations can forecast build time and cost

» How Link3D’s Build Simulation can forecast material usage and cost

» How to account for machine overhead costs automatically

» How to account for post-processing costs automatically

» How to implement centralized quoting modules across all employees

"Link3D's mission is to develop software solutions that will make the future of Additive Manufacturing exciting. We only believe in developing solutions that will be useful, increase productivity, and help organizations scale to series production. A true Additive Manufacturing Execution Systems is needed to achieve this mission." - Shane Fox, CEO of Link3D

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