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On-Demand Webinar:
How to Drive Operational Efficiency for Additive Manufacturing Production Planning & Scheduling

On-Demand Additive MES Webinar
Hosted by: Janet Kar, CMO of Link3D
Special guest: Shane Fox, CEO of Link3D


Is it challenging to plan for 3D printing production and scheduling when using spreadsheets or project management tools like Jira?

Learn how to drive operational efficiency for additive manufacturing production. Maximize production capacity and machine utilization with production planning tools. Seamlessly batch builds, get real-time machine scheduling updates and ensure all parts are produced on time with end-to-end yield management across 3D printing production, post-processing, finishing and quality inspection.


In this 30-min webinar + 15-min Q&A, explore:

» How Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Industrial OEMs and Service Bureaus are designing their production planning and scheduling workflows

» How to take advantage of AM production planning tools to maximize output: build simulation, single vs. batching builds for production

» How to optimize machine scheduling across 3D printing production and downstream manufacturing processes with status and yield management system

» What metrics and KPIs are worth tracking to maximize your bottomline with real-time data analytics

"Link3D's mission is to develop software solutions that will make the future of Additive Manufacturing exciting. We only believe in developing solutions that will be useful, increase productivity, and help organizations scale to series production. A true Additive Manufacturing Execution Systems is needed to achieve this mission." - Shane Fox, CEO of Link3D

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